Sunday, January 30, 2011

new life!

new life cuz i had a new love! hahha! i be a single lady for a long time know.. (blushing) hehe! now im not a single lady, i had a new bf.. huhh! first its hard to accept.. yelaa, daa lme single kn.. now i fell like im in the garden with the full of flower n love.. hahha! biase laa,cinta tengah nak berkembang,bile daa kembang mula nak layu.. 0uwch!! its not important.. im new here, actually i dont what to do, and i just do what in my front laa...
just follow me in my blogger yaa! ni pon bru nak berjinak-jinak kat blogger.. huhuu!

i wish the day i alive is the day i get a hapiness..! :)

i give u all this song! so enjoy it.. actually i want my bf make me the only girl in he world.. hehehe!


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